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"As an integrant part of practical theology, missiology has an advantage of not being confined within the boundaries of social science methods. Although, as an academic discipline missiological research makes use of some social science methods, its interdisciplinary nature and theological perspective should allow for innovative methodologies that not only contribute to academic research but also fulfills the mission of God even while doing research. The pilot proposal introduced in this article presented a suggestion for an innovative methodology in missiological research. The proposed method combined methodologies from two main fields, ethnography and action research, combining their elements in a method that seeks to copy some of what Jesus did in his ministry. Missiology should also contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of God in our world; consequently, the proposed ethnographic action research method has the potential to directly benefit the church’s participation in God’s mission, all this while doing research in a more innovative, outreach oriented and missional way. Finally, the practical results of the proposed method are still to be verified in missiological research. However, if all the elements mentioned above are combined in a genuine outreach methodology (as an ethnography action research plan) not only will valuable data and knowledge be gathered about a people, but also the practical claims of missiology may find a way to be fulfilled for the sake of ministry and salvation."



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