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"“Growing in Christ” touches the theme of freedom from evil and satanic oppression––a topic with universal appeal and special relevance to many cultures. In this article I have argued that for Adventist mission to succeed cross-culturally, the following new perspectives need to be taken into consideration. First, as we near the close of cosmic conflict, the missiological perspectives demand special attention for the achievement of God’s mission (Kim 2013:127). Second, Adventists are called to “reveal the true character of God to the world as manifested in a unique way in His Son, calling everyone to worship Him as Creator and Redeemer” (122). This requires from Seventh-day Adventists a greater sensitivity to demonic activity in the lives of Adventists and community people. A sympathetic and practical response utilizing power encounters and deliverance ministries to meet those needs will go a long way in furthering the outreach and mission of the Adventist Church."



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