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"Human beings have a fundamental connection to “home.” Christian leaders all have the underlying goal of leading the way home. We speak of heaven as home; we use phrases like, “home is where the heart is,” and “home Sweet home.” When circumstances are difficult, when we are worn and discouraged, we lean on life’s tired dreams and murmur, “i just want to go home.” home means many things to each of us, but i think that language is one of the vehicles that takes us home. For example, i always jump when i hear a Canadian accent, and i say “Hey, you speak Canadian!” it brings memories of my childhood leaping back, and never fails to make me smile. i was born and raised in Canada, and although i have been in the United States more years than i spent up north, in many ways Canada will always be home. this concept, imaged by the word “home,” shows that language possesses the characteristics of relativity and determinism, which can influence our thoughts and in turn affect a culture. this is why looking at language as leadership can show how, through the context of verbal phrases or proverbs, words like “home” can change our direction. What does this basic idea of language mean for Christian leadership? Could it be that understanding the deep pathos in this particular philosophical wordcontext (like the word “home”) might give leaders a tool by which they can truly achieve transformation? For example, do the words we use take others to a path that leads them home, whatever “home” may be to them? i believe language indeed can be used as leadership in this way."