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"this dissertation is a study and examination of how Francis E. Clark utilized written communication, global travel and organization to re-shape the global Protestant church’s ministry to young people through the Christian Endeavor Society. First, given that a biography has not been written about clark in almost a century, this dissertation first tells the story of his unique and long-lasting contributions to youth ministry as the church knows it today. Second, it tells the story of the growth of Christian Endeavor under the leadership of Clark. While some books and papers have some sections about Christian Endeavor, none really address the cause of the growth of christian Endeavor. third, it identifies the values of Clark and Christian Endeavor— prizing, preparing, propelling, and promoting young people—which the church today can embrace in efforts to win young people again to Christ and the church. By utilizing these three pieces, Clark took a fledgling local church ministry with young people and transformed it into a worldwide movement that would change the face of the church."