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Dr. Erich Baumgartner teaches leadership and intercultural communication and directs the Ph.D. in Leadership Program at Andrews University. He combines his interest in Intercultural Communication with his passion to develop organizational leaders. This is reflected in the two core courses he teaches on leadership theory and diversity and culture. In the course Issues in Leadership Theory, he introduces experienced leadership professionals to the universe of theory. His seminar on Diversity, Leadership, and Culture brings participants face-to-face with the realities of our global workplace. Most of his recent time, however, has been spent working with doctoral students on their dissertation research and serving as senior editor of the Journal of Applied Christian Leadership.

Thom Wolf is president and professor of global studies of University Institute, New Delhi, India. Additionally, he lectures as an adjunct professor of sociology at Charleston Southern University. He has earned his B.A. in Sociology from Baylor University; M.A. in Cross-cultural Studies from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies; D.Lit. (Hon.), in Humanities from Grand Canyon University; and Ph.D. in Global Leadership from Andrews University.

As a social entrepreneur and leadership educator, Wolf has designed Master of Arts degree programs for four different universities in the United States of America. He has lectured at universities across the world and has published several works, including India Progress-Prone, Buddhism and the contemporary World, and Savitribai and India’s conversation on Education. Wolf currently resides in New Delhi, India with his wife, Linda.