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Healthy Churches Grow

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Change will not occur until there is a sense of urgency. Church leaders and their members have long tolerated the atmosphere of ill health. Their current state of dysfunction has been going on for so long that the members often believe it is normal and therefore to be expected. Excuses are made to maintain the status quo and as a result nothing improves in the life of the church. For lasting change to occur, church leaders and members must sense the urgency of the situation and determine that doing nothing is worse than the anticipated pain of changing long-standing practices or traditions. It will not be easy for any congregation in ill health to grapple with the fact that they must undergo some radical changes in order to reverse the troubling trends. Yet it is imperative that such a realization permeate the fabric of the church. Only then will they become willing to make the necessary adjustments in order to provide an environment conducive for God to grow His Church.