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BOUNDARIES FOR LEADERS. By Henry Cloud. New York, NY: HarperCollins (2013). Kindle Version, 272 pages

This book has solidified for me the almost terrifying but freeing truths of leadership, that i am “ridiculously in charge,” and it’s up to me to get the team going where it needs to go. I’m still learning how to shift my mind from the worker-bee to that of the leader, putting first things first in establishing the goal of what we’re trying to accomplish, and developing a road map for each step of how we’ll be getting to our destination. I’ve learned that my personal boundary is that of not going into worker-bee mode, of staying in my lane and giving everyone the confidence that not only do i know where we’re going but have come up with a way to get there, of seeking input from my team on how to get there more effectively, of giving them direct impact on our success and not trying to do it all myself.