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THRIVING IN LEADERSHIP: STRATEGIES FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN CHRISTIAN HIGHER EDUCATION. By Karen A. Longman (Ed.). Abilene, TX: Abilene Christian University Press (2012). Paperback, 336 pages.

Editor Karen Longman, together with “seventeen seasoned senior-level college and university administrators,” offers “fresh perspectives on what is required to thrive in leadership and to shape institutions where both employees and students flourish” (p. 25). Besides being practical, resourceful, and relevant, this work has a nextlevel profundity in the way it invites the reader into a personal dialogue about her personal leadership calling. While most of the current literature discusses leadership primarily as something one does and how to do it better, this book connects effective leadership to the degree of mindfulness in which the leader engages and the intentional cultivation of her own character and identity. These authors, sharing from different perspectives and successes, make a coherent case that exceptional christian college leadership happens as leaders tread into deeper waters of the heart. For example, love for God, respect for calling, and honoring the gifting in others are highlighted as critical practices.