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Fall 1995


'96 Season Set, Edited from the Biblical Archaeology Review, vol 22.1, announcements by Douglas R. Clark

MEMO: Dig Dates

Editorial: Data Accuracy?, Ralph E. Hendrix

Letters to the Editor

Corrections, Ralph E. Hendrix

Institute Events,

BAS Award, Philip R. Drey

Museum Visitors, Philip R. Drey

Siegfried H. Horn Endowment Fund to be awarded., David Merling

Financial Support, Ralph E. Hendrix

Gregor Presents in Minnesota, Philip R. Drey

Institute Work Continues, Ralph E. Hendrix

Pottery Study Guide On Track, Philip R. Drey

Hess on the Historical Context of Joshua, Philip R. Drey

On-Line Archaeology, Ralph E. Hendrex

Gilmour on the Archaeology of Cult in Palestine, Philip R. Drey

Annual Meetings, Ralph E. Hendrix

Poster Presentations, Philip R. Drey

Jalul '94, Ralph E. Hendrix

Hardiness, Oystein S. LaBianca

Late Bronze Settlement, Paul J. Ray Jr.

Seven Ideas, Øystein S. LaBianca

Khirbet Rufeis, Paul J. Ray Jr. and Øystein S> LaBianca

Summer with us in Jordan

Tel Miqne-Ekron 1996, Philip R. Drey

Golden Cobra Diadem Found at Ekron, Edited from the press release

Canal Found, Edited by Philip R. Drey

Kerak Resources Project, Ralph E. Hendrix

ASOR News, Edited from the ASOR Newsletter

Excavation Methods, Ralph E. Hendrix and Philip R. Drey

Current Period Terminology, Ralph E. Hendrix and Philip R. Drey

Publications Available

Making Your Presence Felt

Al-Maktába: The Bookstore

Random Survey

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Institute of Archaeology & Horn Archaeological Museum Newsletter






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Institute of Archaeology & Horn Archaeological Museum Newsletter Volume 16.4