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David Mbungu


This research addresses some of the possible factors that affect male Acheta domesticus phonotactic responses to calls of males of the same species. The study examines cricket age and social interaction with females as possible factors affecting this behavior. Through Friedman rank test analysis, the study attempts to demonstrate a link between these factors and the responsiveness of the male crickets in the study. As the crickets aged, they responded to a wider ranges of syllable periods, which may imply that they follow a similar pattern of decreasing selectivity in their response with age as their female counterparts. A Friedman's rank test was done on the data to determine whether there was a statistically significant difference within any of the syllable period as the crickets aged. This test showed slight significance in the syllable periods 50ms and 90 ms. Socializaion with females had minimal effects on male phonotactic behavior.

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