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Honors Thesis



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Peter J. Lyons


My research project is focused around a specific gene - cytosolic carboxypeptidase 5 (CCP5). Previous research suggests that the CCP5 gene is essential for the modification of alpha-tubulin which is necessary for normal growth of cilia in the olfactory pit of zebrafish. Using a CCP5-MO to knockdown the gene I was able to compare the resulting phenotype to that of a control specimen in order to determine any visible differences with respect to cilia morphology. Through analysis by scanning electron miscroscopy I wasw able to that cilia morphology did appear to be effected by the knockdown of CCP5. However, similar results were also displayed by one of our control groups unaffected by CCP5-MO, there fore no conclusive results could be drwan from this experiment.

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Carboxypeptidases., Zebra danio.

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