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Honors Thesis


Religion & Biblical Languages

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Ante Jeroncic


Within Seventh-day Adventism there is recognizable theological diversity on a wide variety of issues. One major reason for that has to do with the different ways Adventists view the inspiration and authority of the Bible with particular suppositions. In order to elucidate the given problematic, I will present a comparative analysis of four thinkers and outline their respective perspectives: Fritz Guy, Alden Thompson, Fernando Canale, and Samuel Koranteng-Pipim. As I will suggest, each thinker represents either a progressive, moderate, traditional or literatistic approach to interpreting the Bible. By clarifying their positions I will investigate their views of inerrancy, their perception of the influence of cultural determinism and historicism in Scripture and contemporary interpretations, and their willingness to consult sources besides the Bible for their theological thinking. I will demonstrate that their hermeneutical methodology shapes how they think about and develop doctrines, beliefs, and practices.

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