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Honors Thesis


Visual Art & Design

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Steve Hansen


Throughout history, humans have invented several methods of classification - most of which are unsettling. The human need to classify is one that is deeply rooted in the search for identity. The need to fit, the need to explain, and the need to rationalize the world around us is a powerful incubator in which the process of human classification takes place. Although this thesis project involves a substantial amount of research, it is essentially a documentation of my journey to finding my identity through the lens of human classification based on physical attributes. Through the research of various human classification system such as scientific racism and somatotyping, and through the creation of a compelling body of work, I want to both inform and disturb the viewer while raising questions about classification, race, and identity.

Subject Area

Somatotypes in art, Identity (Philosophical concept) in art, Classification, Art and race.

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