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Honors Thesis



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Anthony Bosman


A link is a collection of circles embedded into 3-dimensional space. Pretzel links are an important family of links which comprises those links that fit a general form that includes many of the most common links. The strong fusion of a link joins two components of the link via a band and adds an unknotted circle about the band [4]; this naturally arises in the study of concordance and has been used to model biological phenomena such as site specific recombination in DNA [2]. Here we present a complete and original classification of those pretzel links which can be obtained by strong fusion. The primary tools we depend on are linking number and a dichromatic resolution of the link in which we conceive of the link as being colored with two colors and resolve crossings in such a way that respects those colors. Solving the classification problem in a number of subcases gives the general result.

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Pretzel links (Mathematics); Forms (Mathematics)

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Mathematics Commons