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Honors Thesis



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Brian Y. Y. Wong


Scutellaria barbata (S. barbata), a Chinese herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine has been known to contain anti-cancer properties. SB has been investigated as a potential treatment for multiple types of cancer including colon cancer, glioblastoma, and ovarian cancer. Breast cancer cell lines MDA-MB-157 and its APC-mutants 93A and 93B are more resistant to treatment due to genetic modifications. In this study, the effectiveness of S. barbata in apoptotic modulation of breast cancer cell lines MDA-MB-157, 93A, and 93B was investigated. Assessments were performed using green/red/blue fluorescent Apoptosis/Necrosis Detection Kit and the Human Apoptosis Antibody Array - Membrane (43 Targets) test by the Abcam corporation. Our data demonstrated that 1-hour and 3-hour treatments with 2 mg aqueous extract of S. barbata induced a statistically significant percentage of apoptosis in all cell lines. Additionally, modulation of various apoptotic markers such as pro-apoptotic proteins Bad, Bax, BIM, IGFBP-4, p53 and p27 was observed.

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Breast--Cancer; Scutelleridae; Herbs--Therapeutic use

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