Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Beverly Matiko


The heterogenous lifestyle of Asian-Americans is one of duality. For this ethnic group, personal identity is a mix between American standard practices and inherited Asian traditions. However, even if their cultural practices are primarily American, Asian-Americans are often “Otherized” and outcast when claiming an American identity, forcing them to be regarded as “just Asian.” As such, they are Americans being rejected by America, and as a result have no other place to call home . In this project, I seek to heal the strife this rejection creates, attempting to confront these tensions and resolve them. As a hyphenated American, I am someone who has seen firsthand how my lifestyle is often split into a dichotomy. One arena where this is particularly apparent is food. My culinary choices are a microcosm of my experience, a blend between Korean and American, but primarily seen as “Korean” by others. I accordingly confront the dichotomy of my Asian-American experience by writing food-based essays that reflect on specific events in my childhood.

Subject Area

National characteristics; Asian Americans--Ethnic identity; Asian Americans--Race identity; Korean Americans