Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis


Behavioral Sciences

First Advisor

Rahel Wells

Second Advisor

Oystein S. LaBianca


Cultural memory is a recent development within biblical studies. Recent research advocates the observance of the biblical text as a basis for the study of cultural memory, in order to engage its historical value. The biblical site of Heshbon in TransJordan serves as a case study to examine how cultural memory interacts with the Bible. In a content analysis design, I engage the biblical cultural memory of Heshbon by evaluating the themes in the text. Based on data collected from the 38 references to Heshbon within 19 passages across the Hebrew Bible, I conclude that the biblical text reflects different narratives and cultural memory emphases for the site of Heshbon.

Subject Area

Hisban, Tall (Jordan); Heshbon (Extinct city); Collective memory