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Honors Thesis



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Vanessa Corredera


This paper addresses how gender, sexuality, and resistance affect personal and national identity construction in Dogeaters. This 1990 novel traces the lives of Filipino characters during President Ferdinand Marcos's dictatorial regime--a period that reshaped the Philippines' national identity. Using gender theory and nationhood studies, I highlight how women and queer individuals who challenge masculine norms attempt subversion by creating communities outside of patriarchal constructs but ultimately fail. Specifically, I read Joey Sands's and Daisy Avila's marginality and failure to comply with societal expectations as futile pushbacks against the larger system. Furthermore, their embrace and use of violence as a means of final resistance makes them complicity with their oppressors.

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Hagedorn, Jessica Tarahata, 1949- . Dogeaters; Philippine fiction (English); Gender role in literature; National characteristics, Philippine in literature

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