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Honors Thesis


Religion & Biblical Languages

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John Markovic


Due to great interest and popularity of various contemplative practices among youth leaders, clergy, and church members across all denominational—including Seventh-day Adventism—and religious lines, this project will analyze the nature of selected Emergent contemplative practices, in particular those promulgated by the CAC. The primary goal is to find out whether “contemplation” and contemplative practices, as promoted by Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault, and their Emergent colleagues, are appropriate in Christian worship. This study will also contrast such contemplative practices and spirituality with the concept of contemplation in the Bible and in the writings of Ellen G. White. As a scientific addendum to this study, a short section will be dedicated to the effects contemplative practices have on the human mind. The study will then look into the deeper purpose of the practice of contemplation from both the Emergent and Seventh-day Adventist perspective. The final portion of the study will suggest Biblical principles for prayer in the light of knowledge concerning contemplative prayer as advanced by the Emerging movement. The study will end with a final and post conclusion.

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