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Honors Thesis


Chemistry & Biochemistry

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Desmond Murray


alpha-Azido -Azido acylals are a novel combination of azide (N3) and acylal [R-C(OOCR)2] functional groups. Since these compounds are new chemical entities, little is known in the chemical literature about their physical, chemical, and biological properties. This synthetic methodology investigation sought to (1) develop a one-pot, two reaction method for preparing alpha-azido acylals and (2) investigate the chemical reactivity of alpha-azido acylals with phosphine reagents. Progress has been made and will be discussed regarding both the synthesis and reactivity of alpha-azido acylals. This work developed methods and processes that will have significant impact in our broader objective of exploring the reactivity and determining the synthetic usefulness of novel alpha-functionalized acylals.

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Azides, Acylation

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