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FOR MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED years, Seventh-day Adventist Bible teachers, authors, and evangelists have used the data provided by archeological research in the Near East to illuminate, bolster, and defend the faith. However, only within the past forty years, have a few Seventh-day Adventist scholars been trained in Palestinian field archeology. First among these were Dr. Lynn H. Wood, the Seventh-day Ad ventist Theological Seminary's first professor of archeology and the history of antiquity, who worked with Dr. Nelson Glueck at the Transjordanian sites of Khirbet Tannur (a Nabataean temple) and Tell el-Kheleifeh (Biblical Eziongeber), and Dr. Siegfried H. Horn, Professor Wood's successor at the Seminary, who received his field training under Dr. G. Ernest Wright at Balatah (Biblical Shechem). Largely under Professor Horn's influence a number of younger Seventh-day Adventists then began their training in the field of archeology.

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