The paper which James White initially started, "The Present Truth", was combined with another periodical called the "Advent Review" in 1850 to become the "Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald", still published as the "Advent Review" today. This periodical became the main source of communication for the Sabbatarian Adventist movement regarding points of doctrine and organization. It also became a venue for James and Ellen White to quickly and efficiently share their views to like-minded believers. James White served as editor of the periodical until 1851 when he invited Uriah Smith to become editor. He played a senior role in the management of church publications as president of the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

The Present Truth

Second Advent Review, And Sabbath Herald, vol. 1, no. 1

Hymns for Second Advent Believers who Observe the Sabbath of the Lord

An Appeal to the Working Men and Women in the Ranks of Seventh-day Adventists

The Second Coming Of Christ: A Brief Exposition Of Matthew Twenty-Four