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The Andrews University Symphony Orchestra is excited to present its first full concert of the new school year, one that will be open to more audience members than anything in the previous year. Audience members will be required to wear a mask in attendance, but there will be no limits on seating capacity, so we encourage all community members to join us in person for some gorgeous music making, as there won’t be a live-stream video option for viewing at home. Orchestral music composed during the 19th Century is commonly described as representing the “Romantic era,” with Romanticism being “characterized by its emphasis on emotion and individualism as well as glorification of all the past and nature.” In some composers’ works of the period, they sought to transcend the physical world with music that in some cases can be interpreted to possess divine qualities. Such Romantic inclinations can be observed in all of the music being performed by the AUSO on October 16, including compositions by Anton Bruckner, Jean Sibelius, and Sir Edward Elgar.

Publication Date

Fall 10-16-2021


Music Department


Berrien Springs , Michigan


Howard Performing Arts Center, Department of Music, Symphony Orchestra, Fall


Music Performance

First Department


AUSO Fall Concert