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Download Olivia Madakor on a Mission No Commission Can Pay, story by Ashleigh Burtnett, photo by Michelle Ryan (2.0 MB)

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Download Hook, Line & Sinker: the Christian Dating Guide to Snagging Your Soul Mate, story by Heather Marie Thompson, photo by Pierre Amerlynck (with (1.3 MB)

Download From the Dollhouse to the Doghouse: Dollhouses & Action FIgures: a Difference in Mindsets, story by Elroy Byam (274 KB)

Download Nick & Deanne: A Love Story, by Samantha Blake and Debbie Michel (3.1 MB)

Download PDA in the Church? Oh, My! story by Beatrice DOlce and D'Jenice Watson, photo by Jazmin Reyes (1.9 MB)

Download Relationship Q&A, answers provided by Andrews University Counseling Psychology Ph.D students Kristina Johnson, Anna Liu, Brice Petgen, Nathanael Stephens, Noel Woodruff-Giudice, under the guidance of Prof. Carole Woolford-Hunt (1.9 MB)

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Spring 2010


World Changers Made Here

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Visual Art, Communication and Design

Envision, Spring 2010