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Download In the Know, compiled by Katelyn Ruiz (333 KB)

Download Vikram's Victory: a Stunning Story of Friendships, Denial, and Redemption, story by Lavern Ramdatt, photography by Jason Lemon (9.1 MB)

Download Take the Dollar-Story Food Challenge: Quick Bites that Won't Break the Bank, recipes and food styling by Taisha Holmes-Bulgin, photography by Willma White and Nathan Roe (3.0 MB)

Download Are You an Unhealthy Vegetarian? story by LaMae Nembard, photography by Anali Romo (1.1 MB)

Download Chew On This! What to Eat Before, During, and After Your Workout, story by Rachelle Booth, photography by Reuel White (1.0 MB)

Download Work It! 7 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Goals, story by Ashleigh Jardine, photography by Esther Nooner (825 KB)

Download Natasha Cruz: Extreme Makeover, story by Lavern Ramdatt, photography by Ashleigh Burtnett (7.0 MB)

Download A-Men! photography by Jean-Ires Michel, styling by Gabrielle Donis, hair by True Color Salon, clothing by Brooks Brothers and Stanton Elliot Bowties (17.5 MB)

Download Room for Less: Easy Ways to Get the Look You Love, story by Nechelle Baker, photography by Tori Meyer (4.3 MB)

Download Elements of Style, photography by Gadi Solis, styling by Chioma Tait, makeup by Alexia Roach, clothing by Forever 21 (4.9 MB)

Download A Journey to Joy: Why One Woman Answered the Call to 'Go Feed My Sheep', story by Lavern Ramdatt, photography by Jeremy Yansen (6.4 MB)

Download Make the Jump from Student to Professional: Tips from Those Who've Been There, Done That, compiled by Lavern Ramdatt and Lerato Moepeng, photography by Vanessa Castillo (2.1 MB)

Download Keren and Casey's Love Story: a Decision to SErve Leads to a Life Commitment, story by Brittany J. Baugher, photgraphy by Daniel Bedell and Cody McCabe (4.4 MB)

Download Money Can't Buy Love: Date Ideas Under $10, story by Lindsey Hollister, photography by Sarah Velasquez (801 KB)

Download Q&A (Relationship), answers provided by Dr. David Sedlacek's 'Marriage, Family and Interpersonal Relationship Skills" class (54 KB)

Download Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget: the Dress, Venue, Invitations, Plus More Big $ Saving Tips, story by LaMae Nembhard, photography by Nina Marie Rambo and Bradley Austin (2.2 MB)

Download Business Startups While in College: What You Must Know Before Making that Move Toward Entrepreneurship (11.1 MB)

Download Smart Ways to Save on Your Textbooks, story by Skye Tenorio, illustration by Daniel Campbell (854 KB)

Download Winning at the Finance Game: What Your College Financial Advisor Wants You to Know, compiled by Student Financial Services at Andrews University, photography by Pieter Damsteegt (628 KB)

Download From Pain to Victory, story by Shanter Alexander, photography by Jeremy Yansen and Sam Estrella-Boyland (2.5 MB)

Download Advertisement, Adventist Health System (1.2 MB)

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