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Download The Comeback Kid, story by Christine Lairson, photography by Dylan Closser and Michele Ryan; personal photos provided by Michael Ehm (3.4 MB)

Download Check Your Messages, by Debbie Michel (863 KB)

Download Envision Staff (474 KB)

Download Sodium: Less is More (873 KB)

Download Delicious Vegan Dishes, recipes by Taisha Holmes-Bulgin, photo by Jay Kijai, stylists Tiffany Evering and Chioma Tait (1.4 MB)

Download Strength to Keep Off the Pounds, story by Ashleigh Jardine, photos by Katelin Mitchell (1.1 MB)

Download The "No Equipment" Strength Training Routine, by Dominique Wakefield (524 KB)

Download Winter Blues: Keep Your Joy All Year Long! story by Rachelle Booth, photo by Courtney Straub (1.2 MB)

Download Temptation, story by Roy Kim, photo by Lonica Masse (1.2 MB)

Download Faith Found in a Lost Book: the April Grube Story, story by Ashleigh Burtnett, photos by Bradley Austin (2.8 MB)

Download Finding Your Calling, story by Marjorie Etienne, photo by Le'von Kotanko (940 KB)

Download Krystal Green, story by Thalia Stewart, photo by Katelin Mitchell (1.2 MB)

Download Beatrice Dolce, story by Jonathan Brassington, photo by Le'von Kotanko (1.2 MB)

Download Walter Rogers, story by Natanya Behrmann, photo by Le'von Kotanko (1.2 MB)

Download Weather Alert! photos by Jean-Ires MIchel, model Tacyana Behrmann, styling by Tiffany Evering and Chioma Tait, makeup by Alexia Roach (5.9 MB)

Download Dorm Room Makeover, photos by Raquel Tenorio (574 KB)

Download The Elephant and I, by Kristiana Mitacek, illustration by Jacob Gibbs (600 KB)

Download Advertisements (Honor Credit Union/Apple Valley) (665 KB)

Download A Tale of Two Brothers, story by Kristina Penny, photos by Dylan Closser (5.2 MB)

Download Christian Concerts 2011 (453 KB)

Download Spiritualism in the Adventist Church, story by Krystal Green, photo by Raquel Tenorio (1.2 MB)

Download BeeJay's Story, story by Christine Lairson, photography by Raquel Tenorio, personal photos supplied by BeeJay Crisostomo (2.2 MB)

Download 5 Things You Must Know Before Saying "I Do", story by Samantha Blake, photo by Lonica Maae (1.2 MB)

Download Help! I'm Addicted to Porn, answers provided by Educational and Counseling Psychology Ph.D students: Carmen Bieske, Jessica Dettmann, Rachael Hooley, Carlton Martin, Stacey Nicely, Quentin Stubbins, Helen Rolle (962 KB)

Download A Love Triangle, story by Latoya Wolfe, photos by Bradley Austin (4.7 MB)

Download Romantic Nicknames: the Only Way to be Connected?, story by Lindsey Hollister, illustration by Boeun Kim (1.2 MB)

Download Dealing with Toxic Parents, story by Lavern Ramdatt, photos by Raquel Tenorio and Jay Kijai (2.6 MB)

Download Paying for Graduate School: It's Not As Hard As You Think, story by Carolyn Davis, photo by Bradley Austin (1.2 MB)

Download Carbuck$, story by Ryan St. Hillaire, photo by Courtney Straub; Building Credit, story by Gresline Dalys, illustration by Boeun Kim (1.4 MB)

Download Cracked Glass, by Heather Marie Thompson, excerpt from "Cracked Glasses", photo by Courtney Straub (1.2 MB)

Download Advertisements: Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance and Communication Degree (from AU Dept. of Communication) (1.4 MB)

Publication Date

Winter 2011


World Changers Made Here

First Department

Visual Art, Communication and Design

Envision, Winter 2011