EDRA Archives donated by John Zeisel and Jacqueline Vischer


EDRA Archives donated by John Zeisel and Jacqueline Vischer



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Dr. Jacqueline Vischer is an Environmental Psychologist specializing in environments for work. She is a founder of the field known as workspace psychology. She has published several books, including Environmental Quality In Offices (1989), Workspace Strategies: Environment As A Tool For Work (1996), L’Évaluation des environnements de travail : la méthode diagnostique (co-author Gustave-Nicolas Fischer, 1998), and Space Meets Status: Designing Workplace Performance (2005). In addition, Vischer has co-edited two books with Wolfgang Preiser. She speaks at trade shows and conferences throughout North America and in Europe, Asia and Australia, and she has contributed numerous chapters to volumes on facilities management, building performance, workplace psychology and building programming and evaluation. As expert consultant, Vischer has advised a wide range of organizations internationally on managing workspace comfort, designing innovative workspace, and planning workspace change. She is Professor Emeritus at the University of Montreal, where she successfully ran the Interior Design program and founded the New Work Environments Research Group (Groupe de recherche sur les environnements de travail). Many of her writings are available at – and can be downloaded from – www.jacquelinevischerbiu.com

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EDRA Archives donated by John Zeisel and Jacqueline Vischer