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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Carol Rossman

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Donald J. Tynes


Diabetes Mellitus type two (DMT2) is a chronic disease that leads to high blood sugar in the body and if not corrected over a period of time, it leads to development of complications. Some of those complications include blindness, kidney failure, and retinopathy, among others. DMT2 continues to affect many people in the USA, especially African-Americans/Black who have the highest prevalence as compared to other races. Proper diet management especially the Low-Fat diabetes diet helps to decrease Hemoglobin A1c, which could result in reduction of risk of developing complications and morbidity related to DMT2. This project was done to educate African-American/Black population in Benton Harbor Health Center with DMT2 on Low-fat diabetes diet. The results indicated a significantly lower hemoglobin A1c and BMI among patients that were in the experimental group who had education intervention as compared to those who were in the control group and did not receive any diet education. This project took place over three months for each participant and pre-test and posttest measures were reported for HbA1C, BMI, as well as fat-related diet knowledge.


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