Date of Award


Document Type

DNP Project


School of Nursing

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Carol Rossman

Second Advisor

Tina Pierce


This project assessed the effect of an evidence-based medication adherence intervention on adherence rates at a Northern Indiana clinic led by a sole nurse practitioner, receptionist, and continuous rotation of graduate nursing students from several nursing programs in the Northern Indiana area. Patient education and comprehension were poor in terms of understanding disease process, treatment options, and disease management that led to poor communication with the medical provider. The process and steps in which patients matriculate through was described by Johnson’s (2002) Medication Adherence Model (MAM) with concepts of purposeful action, pattern behavior, and feedback; these helped to construct, steer, and conclude the interventional effects on medication adherence. The intervention involved a) a change to the clinics care process and b) 30-minute case-management educational sessions for patients scheduled at the next patient appointment concerning hypertension disease, hypertension medications, self-management, adhering-aiding tools, and provider communication. There was a statistically significant improvement in adherence rates of awareness of medication adherence.

IRB approval was obtained from La Porte Family Wellness and Andrews University, and I, the project manager, obtained survey data using the MMAS-4 questionnaire between February and April 2023.

Subject Area

Medication; Patient cooperation; Hypertension