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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Daniel William Richard Pérez

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Jorge Luis Reyes Aguilar

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Ronald Rojas



Since 2018, North Peru Union Mission (NPU) has promoted discipleship through the structure of the Sabbath School made up by the Action Unit teachers who shepherd their members through friendship, relationship, and the missionary action units that also have the function of small groups in the district mentioned above, the leaders of the action units focus on fulfilling traditional Sabbath School teachers and not on being leaders who shepherd their small group members. For this reason, the leaders of these units are required to have a disciple-makers profile. Several authors affirm that if you learn how to make disciples well, you will always have a mission of discipleship. So, to do this, we must focus on people who do not yet know Jesus according to the model He Himself left to disciple more people. If you know how to make disciples, you can reach more people who do not know Jesus. This is to do what the disciples did: to follow Jesus' plan. If people are discipled according to the Holy Spirit, we would have a church with many disciples willing to do missionary work. So, accordingly, this research poses the following question. What is the level of effectiveness of the discipleship program for leaders of the action in "La Era" District Missionary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, east Lima, 2022?


The present research is in the area of applied theology and is focused on church growth. A study of biblical literature, the writings of Ellen White, and contemporary literature related to discipleship was carried out. Furthermore, an analysis of the immediate context of the population and the missionary district where the discipleship program was applied was done. Also, an pretest was done as well as the implementation of the "Disciple Maker Teachers" program and concluding with the posttest to obtain the results of the research.


The present study shows that the "Disciple Maker Teachers" program was highly effective. In this sense, the results of the variable and its dimensions are also highly significant. Communion has a result of -7.86, (p


It was concluded that the discipleship program was significantly effective in all its dimensions. For example, communion had a result of -7.86, (p

Subject Area

Discipling (Christianity); Seventh-day Adventists--Peru--Lima; General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. South American Division. North Peru Union Mission; Sabbath schools--Peru--Lima