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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Marc Woodson

Second Advisor

Jim Lorenz

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Brad Cauley



Connecting and retaining millennials within established church structure has proven difficult in my context. I have a genuine desire for community and purpose within millennial groups, yet the majority remain removed from traditional church programming and events. A growing disenfranchisement with current church framework has caused many millennials to disengage or seek purpose elsewhere.


Press Together was formed as a new millennial friendly approach to ministry in Ogden, UT. This raw cold-pressed juicery serves the healthiest organic options from its retail location while providing a space for fellowship, ministry and employment. This uses millenial focus groups and financial data to evaluate millennial engagement and the economic viability of Press Together.

The Results

Millennials were attracted to Press Together models. They would not hesitate to engage with and recommend Press Together. Most desired additional space for fellowship beyond space offered at the Ogden, Utah location. The production and sale of organic cold-pressed juice products is laborious and expensive. Retail sales alone did not validate an economically viable model given the cost of denominational waga scales and benefits. However, Press Together's non-profit status provided a foundation for philanthropic efforts showing promise for an economically viable model.


Press Together represents a modern approach to ministry that resonates with millennials. For Press Together to reach its full potential, visionary leadership and skilled management are essential to sustain economic viability and realize ministry potential. With proper oversight and leadership, Press Together represents relevant millennial church planting model that can be strategically reproduced in affluent areas around the world.

Subject Area

Church work with young adults; Church work with youth; Generation Y; Witness bearing (Christianity); Evangelistic work--Utah--Ogden; Church development, New

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