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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Boubakar Sanou

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Daniel Graham

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Anthony Wagener Smith



Based upon my pastoral observation, there was a lack of understanding among a majority of the board members of the All Nations Seventh-day Adventist Church regarding what it meant to be a missional team in service for Jesus Christ. As leaders of departments in particular, and the church, in general, the board members were more driven by the notion of putting on a quality program, than by the idea of a missional focus for all activities. Their influence made the work of ministry less effective than it could have been and more burdensome for their fellow leaders and members of the church.


Over the period of 18 months ending in September 2017, the board members were engaged in a process of leadership development which was organized in two segments: eight and ten months consecutively. In the first segment (theoretical), board members were taught various aspects of leadership, the missional church, and how to acquire, study and use, the demographic information of their city. In the second segment (practical), board members along with regular members of the church conducted a community survey which helped them to understand better the needs of their community. The results of the survey were studied in concert with that which was taught in the first segment. This process informed the organization and implementation of the ministry for their community.


There was a willingness among a majority of the All Nations board members to participate in a missional ministry endeavor. Some board members were more inclined to participate in the practical portions of such an endeavor, as opposed to advancing through a theoretical phase of personal development. Of the 17 regular attendees to board meeting, nine were willing participants in the project process from beginning to end. Seven of the nine completed both a pre-and post-project questionnaire. These assessment tools indicated varying levels of development achieved by some of the board members. The project process found its completion in the implementation of a ministry which benefits their community named "Blessing for Babies Ministry." It was adopted by the church as a whole as part of its ongoing community efforts.


Missional ministry endeavors and development of church leaders can be achieved if these processes are guided with pastoral intentionality. Faithful transformational pastoral leadership is necessary within the life of a congregation. The church that is transformational will also be missional. Inasmuch as God calls His people to participate in His mission to the world, His purpose is to transform people's lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Blessing for Babies Ministry is helping to transform the lives of babies and their mothers.

Subject Area

Mission of the church; Church work--Florida--Seventh-day Adventists; All Nations Seventh-day Adventist Church (St. Petersburg, Fla.)