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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Randal R. Wisbey

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Slimen Saliba

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Douglas R. Kilcher



The task of this project was to evaluate and make recommendations for the future of Downtown Community, the Florida Hospital Seventh-day Adventist Church’s contemporary, ongoing evangelistic ministry to reach the unchurched.


After establishing the philosophical basis for the ministry, a careful review of the preparation for and initiation of Downtown Community was conducted. The effects of the ministry were ascertained by observations, focus groups, and surveys. In addition, comparisons were made with other area churches.

A number of unexpected effects from the ministry of Downtown Community were reviewed. This study is highly dependent on observations, testimonials, and opinions, which increase the level of subjectivity.


The evaluation of Downtown Community revealed that many of the expectations at the start of the ministry have not been fulfilled, while a number of unanticipated expectations have been met. Although there was a hope and intent to impact the lives of many unchurched people, in many ways the lives of those involved in doing the ministry have been most affected. Downtown Community would have better served the local church had there been a larger base or cross section of the church thoroughly indoctrinated in both the philosophy and methodology. Based on the focus groups and input from the leadership team and program participants in general, it is clear that Downtown Community has been a life-changing ministry for those whose lives it has touched.

Implications and Conclusions

The seeker-driven relationally based model of evangelism is a valid model for Downtown Community. For it to continue and increase its effectiveness, continuous evaluations and ministry adjustments must be a part of the ongoing ministry. Downtown Community and the methodology therein represented has a strong biblical basis and merits inclusion among other acceptable models within the larger church family, especially in North America. However, no method is adequate without care and concern for lost people.

Subject Area

Non-church-affiliated people--Florida--Orlando; Florida Hospital Seventh-day Adventist Church (Orlando)

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