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Milan Bajic

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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

First Advisor

Bruce L. Bauer

Second Advisor

Rudi Maier



The purpose of this research was to develop and equip the church for the implementation of a workable strategy for reaching a large population of about eight million secular Muslims in the Balkans who have never been systematically confronted with the gospel.


This study describes the history, culture, and religion of the Balkans, analyzes socioeconomic and political developments of its Muslim population, examines methods of evangelism and suggests a strategy based on sound biblical and missiological principles for work among the Balkan Muslims.


The outcome of this project will be the development of a contextualized method for evangelizing secular Muslims in the Balkans, and the establishment of an Adventist Muslim Relations Initiatives. Contextualized Bible studies for secular Muslims will be produced. Change agents will be trained and prepared to form Bible study groups and establish contextualized Adventist communities of faith. Sensitivity among Adventists towards people of other faiths will be enhanced through awareness seminars. The initial project will continue for at least five years.


The proposed strategy has been designed for work in unentered areas of the Balkans. It uses cultural elements to communicate the gospel especially among Muslim populations.

Subject Area

Missions to Muslims--Balkan Peninsula; Seventh-day Adventists--Missions--Balkan Peninsula; Missions--Balkan Peninsula; Church development, New--Seventh-day Adventists--Balkan Peninsula; Balkan Peninsula

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