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Doctor of Ministry DMin

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James North, Jr.

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Richard O. Stenbakken



There are many Adventist military personal and their families in the Ghana Armed Forces. This has led to the establishment of two organized churches and two companies in the military barracks. Since most of the Adventist military personnel are enlisted persons (non-officers), there is a need for an officer as a spokesperson. The interest that non-Adventist military personnel had shown in the Adventist message, especially in the areas of marriage, health, and evangelism, calls for a well- established Adventist chaplaincy ministries not only to win souls but to retain them. The Ghana Armed Forces has made a request to Seventh-day Adventists to provide them with chaplains. Pastors in Ghana will respond to this challenge if they know what their work will be.


The biblical foundation of military chaplaincy was developed from the Old and New Testaments. A summary of the history and structure of the Ghana Armed Forces is given as it relates to chaplaincy. Interviews and research into books and the armed forces communication sources were used to gather information and suggestions to establish Seventh- day Adventist chaplaincy ministries in the Ghana Armed Forces.


Research shows that the major reason why Seventh-day Adventists had not been able to establish chaplaincy ministries in the Ghana Armed Forces is the fear of unknown expectations and presumed career uncertainty in the armed forces. The manual in this paper, therefore, gives almost all the needed information about chaplaincy in the armed forces and develops a strategy for the establishment of chaplaincy in the Ghana Armed Forces.


The West Africa Union and the Africa-Indian Ocean Division need to create Adventist chaplaincy ministry positions at each level to coordinate with the General Conference Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries Office. This chaplaincy department will recruit and coordinate military chaplains not only in the Ghana Armed Forces but armed forces throughout Africa. Chaplaincy ministries need to be established in the armed forces, and the stage seems to be set for making an effort to have Adventist chaplains in the armed forces.

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Military chaplains--Ghana; Military chaplains--Seventh-day Adventists

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