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Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Bruce L. Bauer

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Werner Vyhmeister

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Bruce Wrenn



There is a great need for the publishing work in Brazil to use different methods. Although several changes have occurred with the advance of technology and urbanization, the methods employed to distribute SDA literature have remained practically the same as those used in earlier times. Literature evangelists are facing greater difficulties in personally talking with people. The traditional door-to-door sales method is reaching fewer and fewer people and new approaches are required to support colporteurs in their work. In addition, sales of literature to church members in Brazil are low and give evidence to the fact that strategies are required to reverse this situation. At the same time, the quality of products available in the marketplace and the business practices related to their production, pricing, distribution, and promotion have improved. Such improvements have increased the expectations of customers and the need for the publishing work in Brazil to develop new approaches to satisfy the customers’ needs and wants.


The writings of Ellen G. White and other Seventh-day Adventist authors dealing with the publishing work are briefly surveyed. The main methods used to produce, price, distribute, and promote literature in Brazil are summarized. The applicability of marketing for the Seventh-day Adventist publications is discussed and the main marketing principles and tools are considered. Marketing strategies to increase the circulation of literature in Brazil are suggested.


Marketing has limited applicability for literature regarded as inspired and ideological, and full applicability for literature considered commercial. The Seventh-day Adventist publishing work in Brazil can use proposed marketing approaches and tools to improve the production, pricing, distribution, and promotion of literature.

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Booksellers and bookselling--Brazil; Religious literature--Publication and distribution--Brazil

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