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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Michael Steenhoven

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Jorge Mayer

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Ricardo Norton


Statement of the Problem

The concept of discipleship is not well understood in Christendom including in the SDA church. Many churches are adding new converts to their membership, but these new converts are not being trained and equipped to become true disciples. This phenomenon is having effect in the Hoover Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church (HHSDA)1. A better understanding of the discipleship concept is necessary, for that reason, a discipleship seminar named “Go and Make Disciples” was created for the members at HHSDA.


A seminar method was used in this project. The researcher used the sanctuary of the HHSDA church as the classroom. A seminar manual, based on the literature studied, was designed. Two sources of literature were considered: (1) literature dealing with methods of discipleship, and (2) literature dealing with a biblical and theological understanding of discipleship. The duration of the seminar was five days, with two hours for each session. Approximately 30 members between ages 18-50 years old participated in the seminar. Two questionnaires were given to the participants, one before the seminar to evaluate the understanding of discipleship and another thirty days after the conclusion of the seminar.


The results showed that the participants acquired a better understanding of discipleship and the difference between a disciple and a believer. They were encouraged to work more faithfully in the preaching of the gospel. Following Jesus’ model, four groups of twelve with their leaders were formed. Each participant set a goal of reaching two souls for Jesus


The preaching of the gospel is not going to be concluded until the members recognize the importance of the Great Commission given by Jesus. For that reason it is imperative to continue teaching, training, and equipping the saints for the task of mission.

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Discipling (Christianity); Hoover Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church (Birmingham, Ala.)

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