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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Nancy J. Vyhmeister

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Gordon E. Christo

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Werner K. Vyhmeister



Tamil Nadu is one of the states of India located in the southern part. The people who live in the state are called Tamils. Agriculture is the main occupation of this state. About 70 percent of the total population of the state are farmers. Hinduism is the main core of their religion. Hinduism taught them various beliefs, such as salvation by work and transmigration of the soul. At the same time, the farmers are caught up with various traditional beliefs which are very much influenced by their agricultural activities. Many gods need to be worshiped for their various needs. They do not have a personal god. They believe in the incarnation of gods. Among them Jesus is considered as one of the incarnations of their gods. The Adventist message has not completely penetrated into the farming community because of various setbacks. There is a great need for an appropriate evangelistic approach to reach the farmers in Tamil Nadu.


This project approaches development of Adventist radio programming for the farmers in Tamil Nadu from a contextual perspective. For an effective strategy, this project was approached from two main aspects, such as a background study and development and implementation of the strategy. The background study was done to understand the target audience based on their culture, farm activities, and religious practices of the Tamil farmers. In order to achieve this, various Tamil literature and related sources are also examined. The second aspect deals with the strategy development of an Adventist radio programming for this selected audience. This aspect includes certain key concepts of the radio broadcasts. It also suggests an implementation process and a systematic follow-up for the expected results.


This mission strategy will provide an effective evangelistic approach to the Adventist World Radio in taking the gospel message to every home and heart of the rural community in Tamil Nadu. The main aim of this project is soul-winning for the Lord.


This radio broadcast strategy will be a more effective approach for the twenty-first century than any other evangelistic approaches in Tamil Nadu, because it is a contextualized model which meets the Hindu farmers at their physical and spiritual needs.

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Seventh-day Adventists--India--Tamil Nadu; Radio in religion--Tamil Nadu--Seventh-day Adventists

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