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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Ricardo Norton

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Atilio Dupertuis

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Alfonso Valenzuela



A survey conducted in the Humboldt Park Hispanic SDA church (HPHC) indicated that its members, like many others in our post-modern society, have neglected personal Bible study (PBS) and prayer. The results of this were evident in many aspects of their lives.


This problem was brought to the attention of church leaders (elders and the church board). Consequently, a strategy was developed for involving all members in a week of prayer and seminars centered around personal Bible study and prayer. The seminars were based on a review of related literature. A survey was conducted before and after the project to highlight members’ changes in attitudes and behavior in these two areas. Several aspects of members’ participation were also observed and recorded as a measure of change.


Approximately 80 of 130 members participated in the week of prayer and seminars. After the project, members who participated felt that personal Bible study and prayer were more important and indicated that they engaged in these activities more frequently than before. The church’s attendance, tithes, participation, and outreach activity also increased.


The Bible and other Christian literature indicate that personal Bible study and prayer are key to spiritual growth. This was also found to be true in the HPHC. A focus on PBS and prayer resulted in positive change in many areas of members’ spiritual lives.

Subject Area

Humboldt Park Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church; Bible--Study and teaching--Seventh-day Adventists; Prayer

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