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Doctor of Ministry DMin

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R. Clifford Jones

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Trevor O'Reggio

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Martin Klingbeil



Many of the students of Helderberg College do not utilize the mentoring program fully and staff members lack the time and training for doing faith-based mentoring. Additionally, both staff and students have expressed the challenges that arise from a mentor-mentee relationship which is often intercultural.


A mixed methodology study using the following instruments with two populations of Helderberg College: a survey-questionnaire by 93 fulltime registered student mentees present at a weekly assembly (3rd Nov. 2008); and a survey-questionnaire by 28 mentoring staff (4th Nov. 2008). Further, 6 interviews with mentors on 29th July- 3rd Aug. 2009 and 10 interviews with mentees on 29th May -20th July 2009, were conducted.


There is a need for mentoring of students at Helderberg College especially in the first year, even though not all student mentees take advantage of the service offered. While most of the students (81%) see a need for mentoring, in practice only 51% use the facility that is provided for them by the institution. Mentoring is largely an intercultural experience, as most staff mentors cross cultural and linguistic barriers in helping students to adjust culturally. Mentoring is also faith-based as it affords enough opportunity for spiritual growth to the student mentee through their staff mentors. Yet, not all mentees view it as such and not all mentors maximize their opportunities with students.


While there is room for improvement in the mentoring program as a whole, enough influence and defining moments are experienced by both the staff mentors and the student mentees of Helderberg College. I

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Mentoring in Christian education; Mentoring in education; Multicultural education; Helderberg College

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