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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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R. Clifford Jones

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Trevor O'Reggio

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Martin Klingbeil



Between 1992 and 2007, the attendance of the Hill Portuguese Seventh-day Adventist Church has declined from 200 to 60 members and the church completely lost its sense of mission. This downturn requires investigation and study in order to reverse the situation. The project is an implementation of a program to revive the church in fellowship with God, and in action within the community. Further, Portuguese immigrant members display a tendency towards liberalism when removed from their native culture.


An informal survey was created and administered to the church members in order to discover why membership had been declining through the years. Sermons, pastoral visitation, and training seminars were administrated to the members in order update their knowledge concerning spirituality and mission.


The church developed a spiritual environment for Christian workers to be equipped to fulfill their mission. The tools presented in this project gave the opportunity for practical learning and outreach. As a result of spiritual affirmation, the church accomplished both objectives: to grow spirituality and equip the laity to be involved in mission. House churches became the channel to reach the community.


The project opens the door for a profound commitment of each member. As they renew their faith the focus in every area of the church becomes evangelism: pastors, leaders, and members working together to connect the church with the community. Members have affirmed they are spending more time in personal prayer and studying the Bible, and as a result participate in outreach activities. Worship service and small groups became a tool to connect the community with the church.

Subject Area

Spiritual formation--Seventh-day Adventists; Mission of the church

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