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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Ricardo Norton

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Eduardo Schmidt

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Tevni Grajales



The Theological Seminary of the Adventist Technological Institute of Ecuador (ITSAE) provides a practical theoretical education to its students. Its fundamental purpose is to produce spiritual leaders that might appropriately cope with the different ecclesiastical challenges they may find in the field, once their career is completed. To accomplish this goal, students visit the local churches on weekly bases to integrate theory and praxis and to develop their leadership skills in a progressive way. Preliminary observations suggest that in spite of students accomplishing the assigned hours of their pre-professional practicum in different local churches, they have difficulty understanding how to integrate a leadership culture that can transform the spiritual lifestyle of the church.


The biblical-theological principles of spiritual leadership were studied in light of the Old and New Testaments. Next, a review of the writings of Ellen White on the subject was carried out concluding with a bibliographical review of contemporary authors regarding the issue of spiritual leadership, along with an analysis of their distinctive perspectives and particular contributions about the subject. The central part of the investigation, which correlates theology with spiritual leadership, was analyzed, followed by a discussion of current models of theological formation of student in educational institutions. The findings elicited by the literature review and the application of an instrument at the beginning of the school year, where instrumental in the preparation of a spiritual formation program to develop leaders at the theological seminary of the ITSAE. The program was implemented and the impact of the seminary was evaluated with a post-test to ascertain its effectiveness.


The program of spiritual formation for leaders was developed between August of 2006 and July of 2008. The first phase of the program counted with the participation of 30 students and focused on the theoretical aspects project. The second phase address the practical aspects and the program concluded with a total of 18 students. The formal classes were accompanied by a series of extracurricular activities that aimed to internalize in the students the principles of spiritual leadership. At the beginning of the process, a survey was applied to determine the opinions of the students ns upon finalizing the program the same survey was applied in order to identify the main changes. The results show a variation in the opinions from the participating students who shared their personal ideas and convictions on the importance of private prayer, personal biblical study, and the narrow relation between these practices. In general, their criteria and practice of spiritual leadership in their families and ministry were expanded and deepened.

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Spiritual formation; Christian leadership--Ecuador--Seventh-day Adventists

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