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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Bruce Moyer

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Dwight Nelson

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Wagner Kuhn


Purpose of the Project. This project seeks to create and develop a comprehensive prayer-based evangelism strategy to reignite the lifecycle in plateauing churches in Brazil. Through this project, pastors, church leaders, members and new members will be motivated and equipped to experience a better prayer life.

Method. The method used for this study was based on qualitative research: a review of prayer as it is presented in the Bible, theoretical texts on prayer, and practical books written by prominent Christian authors, and a comprehensive study of the lifecycle of some Seventh-day Adventist churches in Brazil. These profiles were studied and data collected in order to better understand the strategies currently being practiced and identify those needed to help reignite churches.

Results. The research indicated that prayer and spiritual nurture are critical to the development of a prayer ministry. Prayer was found to be a priority for administrators, local leaders, and laity in successful churches. The steps needed to develop a culture of prayer and evangelism were identified. It was substantiated that, given that culture refers to a way of life, whatever the church does must be done in light of the intense desire to save the lost. One of the most successful outreach, supported by literature and the study of the Adventist churches in Brazil, is that of prayer-based evangelism.

Recommendations. The following steps must be followed in order to provide the components of a prayer-based evangelism in Brazil: (1) Develop a prayer-based intensive growth strategy in order to reignite the lifecycle of churches that are plateaued or in a decline toward death. (2) Acknowledge that we are all in need of a Savior and that “sinners reaching out to sinners” in an atmosphere of prayer is the culture needed. (3) Clarify the steps that can be incorporated by any group of seekers of an intensive prayer life. (4) Motivate the church to fulfill the great mission of sharing God with others. (5) Make the process practical. (6) Encourage relationship building among the members as preparation for interacting outside the church community.

Conclusions. The intent of this project was to show that the ministry of evangelistic prayer as a base in the church increases the likelihood that all other ministries will work better. Also, faithfulness and stewardship will increase, as the prayer ministry becomes a part of the culture of a church. The resulting spiritual life of the members will be reflected in the growth of the church, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Prayer-based evangelism includes putting into practice the following: prayer, spiritual nurture, evangelism, and discipleship.

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Church growth--Brazil--Seventh-day Adventists, Prayer, Church renewal--Brazil, Church renewal--Seventh-day Adventists, Revivals--Brazil

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