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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Norman K. Miles

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Richard M. Davidson

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C. Mervyn Maxwell


This project attempts to discover some criteria (or characteristics) that can be used in contemporary preaching, based in the Old Testament. So I selected seven Old Testament preachers (prophets) and analyzed seven of their sermons (or messages) or parts thereof. Somehow they cover the history of Israel as a nation starting with Moses down to Haggai. The other five are; Joshua, Solomon, Elijah, Amos and Jeremiah. Once I discovered the contents of their messages, I tried to relate them to contemporary preaching. I believe it is useful and contains helpful materials for the use of ministers and preachers. Also, it is intended to be used as a segment of a course in Homiletics.

This study is divided in three main parts as follows: Part I deals with a comparative analysis of the seven selected sermons to discover the homiletical characteristics that they might provide. Part II suggests a segment of a Syllabus for a Course in Homiletics. It contains a brief discussion of the pedagogical methodology to be used, a Syllabus, one full lecture and two sermons. Part III presents some conclusions and personal reflections on how this project helped me to improve my ministry in preaching.

One interesting feature in this study is that all seven sermons have the covenant between God and Israel, at Sinai, as background. It undergirds all the messages of the prophets. I hope that this study will help preachers to become more familiar with Old Testament preaching, and thus not only them, but their listeners as well can benefit from their sermons.

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Bible. Old Testament--Homiletical use; Prophets

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