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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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P. Richard Choi

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Robert M. Johnston

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Ha Hong Pal



Modem Korea is experiencing family crises. Marriages are ending in separation and divorce. The purpose o f this study was to develop a program based on biblical principles o f koinonia, one that could be used to improve communication for Christian couples and enhance their communion with God.


A theoretical framework for this study was established based on the literature review. The biblical overview was presented using the koinonia perspective. The principles o f koinonia are found in the creation story, the covenant between God and His people, in the life and teaching o f Christ, and the outpouring o f the Holy Spirit on the day o f Pentecost. The koinonia model took form from these principles. In conjunction with this study, a training program was developed to improve communication between husband and wife and their communion with God.


The communication training program for couples focuses on the enhancement o f the relationship and includes the following components: talking from the depths o f the soul, empathetic listening, the dialogue o f loving hearts, conflict resolution, laughter and humor, commitment, and intimacy. The training program also includes guidelines for communion with God: soul-exposing prayer, Bible study, solitude and silence, meditation and confession, praise and worship with rejoicing and gratitude, commitment, and intimacy. The objective o f the combined training programs is to help the participants develop a deeper fellowship with each other and God. The design uses a workshop-style with eight 3-hour sessions that can be adapted to a variety of applications for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Korea. There can be sessions for one week, a 2-day weekend, a 3-day weekend, or three consecutive weekends. In addition, the presentations can be adjusted to meet the needs o f small cell groups or train excursions.


Based on biblical koinonia principles, this training program will improve communication for couples and enhance their communion with God. The koinonia model suggested in this study provides the synergy for helping couples develop stability in their marriage relationships. It is recommended that a similar program be developed that addresses communication between parents and children and communion with God as a united family.

Subject Area

Koinonia (The Greek word); Church work with families--Korea; Communication in marriage; Marrige--Korea--Religious aspects

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