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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Bruce Moyer

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Jeanette Bryson

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Kelvin Onongha


Problem. The Mampong-West District of Seventh-day Adventists in Central Ghana, West Africa, has a membership of over 1,943 with a minimum number of active lay members. There is a need to develop a training curriculum and create an organizational design for the district that will facilitate a shared leadership. Statement of the Task The task of the project is to develop a model for training, empowering, and organizing the churches in Mampong-West District for shared leadership that will equip and deploy members for effective leadership roles.

Proposed Method. The project will use the Extension Movement in Theological Education (EMTE), the Logical Framework Matrix (LFM), and the Gantt Chart to present its strategy and activities schedule. The project will consist of four main activities or methods to be incorporated over a three-year period. The following topics will be presented: a) priesthood of all believers, b) biblical model of shared leadership, c) spiritual giftedness, and d) monitoring project outcomes. The foundation for the seminars will be based on shared leadership as seen in both the Old and New Testaments.

Project Expectations. The training of the laity for the purpose of preparing them for a shared leadership would be expected to provide at least a 20-30 % increase in laity willing and ready to take leadership roles. The lay leaders will have identified their God-given talents and be willing to achieve their potential through working together for the development of the church. The ultimate goal of this project document would see an overall effective shared leadership that would result in both spiritual and numerical growth to the extent that other districts will see the need to adopt the project.

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Laity--Seventh-day Adventists--Training of, Laity--Ghana, Christian leadership

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