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Project Report

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Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Wagner Kuhn

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Bruce L. Bauer

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David Penno



Fear of evil spiritual powers has been a major problem among students and staff members at Nyanchwa College. In Kisii, fear of witchcraft has also had major consequences among the community, and hence is a serious problem. People have reacted in various ways in dealing with those suspected of being in possession of these powers. There has been a common belief that some students and members have inherited witchcraft practices and powers which they continue to practice at college. Fear of evil powers among students and members of the college has immensely affected spiritual fellowship and worship services, and has also affected student enrollment in the college. This is the challenge that encouraged research in this area so as to address this problem.


To help students at the college to deal with evil spiritual powers, a strategy was implemented. First, a random survey was conducted to ascertain the seriousness of fear on campus. Second, a questionnaire was used to determine the needs of the students concerning this problem. A report was compiled and evaluated from the questionnaire conducted, and from this report, relevant seminars were developed. These materials were used to equip 20 trainers of trainees from among the students, and the trained students were later used to share the information with the rest of the college students.


The implementation of this project in Nyanchwa Adventist College had the following results: First, suspicion among students and the members of the staff has been reduced, and students have realized the need to depend upon God for protection from evil spiritual powers. Second, through this study, we were able to conduct deliverance ministries in the college and also in several places throughout the South Kenya Conference. Third, through this study, ministry and fellowship groups were enhanced among students which resulted in a tremendous increase of student baptisms by more than half of the previous years.


The overall goal of the project, to deal with evil spiritual powers in Nyanchwa Adventist College was achieved. Helping people deal with their fear of evil spiritual powers has also had a tremendous impact in making disciples for Jesus Christ and nurturing church members for mission in the Adventist Church.

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Demonology--Kenza--Kisii, Spiritualism--Kenya--Kisii, Nyanchwa Adventist College

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