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Project Report

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Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Nancy Vyhmeister

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Bruce L. Bauer

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Boubakar Sanou



Rusangu Secondary School has experienced many incidents in recent years where dorm students were harassed by evil spiritual forces, causing fear and uncertainty among the students.


A systematic study of the Bible, commentaries, books, journals, and articles concerning spiritualism was undertaken. Once theological and historical data on spiritualism was identified, it was utilized for training, equipping, and empowering prayer band members on how to deal with demonic harassment at the school.


The school and church experienced revitalization. Members learned how to utilize a prayer band ministry to pray for the students who were being harassed by evil forces. Those prayed for experienced peace which provided a favorable learning atmosphere at the school.


God’s power, prayer, and good biblical teaching can change an atmosphere of fear, to one where students learn to trust in God’s protection from evil spiritual forces.

Subject Area

Spiritualism--Zambia, Seventh-day Adventists and spiritualism

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