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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Bruce L. Bauer

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Boubakar Sanou

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Wagner Kuhn



HIV/AIDS is an epidemic that has and continues to adversely impact the quality of life of not only the members of the Oyugis Central Seventh-day Adventist Church, but of the community in general. Its negative impact touches the social, economic, political, and demographic fabric of society. It is robbing the Adventist Church and society in general of requisite human resource through death and sickness, and is adversely challenging the church’s competencies to effectively engage in its mission.


The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) was used to present the strategy. A Gantt chart was also be used to detail the project tasks as outlined in the logframe. As a tool for planning and managing development projects, the logical framework approach has been proven to be excellent because of its logical basis, robust and coherent structure, supple nature, and comprehensive outlook. Similarly, the Gantt chart is useful in tracking the progress of an activity and in defining tasks which need to be performed so as to achieve the project objective. A Gantt chart indicates time schedules and activity schedules and thus assists to ascertain that the progress of all the activities is on course.


There was significant growth in the level of knowledge about the facts and issues of HIV/AIDS among the participating members of the Oyugis Central Church from 88% to 99%. Again, those indicating that they are now highly knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS climbed from 40% at the beginning of the project to 56% at its close. There was also a significant change of attitude towards people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) with about eight percent of the participants still holding the view that PLWHA are to blame for bringing the disease upon themselves down from about 16% in June 2013. There was evidence of behavior change with an average of 22% of the participants still indicating engagement in at risk behavior down from an average of 28% at the beginning of the project. An overwhelming 94% of the participants agreed that this program can be very effective in HIV/AIDS mitigation.


A biblical HIV/AIDS mitigation strategy is a very effective method for fighting the HIV/AIDS scourge. It is simple in its approach and easy to implement. Agencies involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS can use this approach with very positive results.

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AIDS (Disease)--Kenya, Health education, HIV infections, Oyugis Central Adventist Church (Oyugis, Kenya)

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