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Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Elias G. Gomez

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Douglas R. Kilcher

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C. Raymond Holmes



Most of the people living in Puerto Rico claim or are claimed to be Catholics by the Catholic leadership of the Island. Most of them have only a form of religion, having lost sight of the power of Christ's religion. They need to be led back to Christ, even though they are unconscious of their situation or of their spiritual need.


Each person is unique, but some characteristics are similar to most of the people in a specific group. Catholics constitute a large group in Puerto Rico. To reach them, one must understand them and approach them in the proper way. With this in mind, international evangelism should be done, and Holy Week is the most advantageous time of the year to do it.


Holy Week is the best time of year to bring Catholics to public evangelistic meetings. Holy Week evangelism has also proved to be the most effective method for bringing them into the evangelical community of believers in Christ. For several years Holy Week has been the time of year when more people from a Catholic background have been baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church in the West Puerto Rico Conference.


The West Puerto Rico Conference of Seventh-day Adventists should adopt a standard and permanent plan for evangelism during Holy Week. This means six to seven months of aggressive evangelism, enough to reach the baptismal goals of the whole year. The rest of the year could be dedicated to a follow-up program on behalf of the new converts.

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Holy Week services; Seventh-day Adventists--Puerto Rico; Evangelistic work

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